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Administrative Practice


Hardware/software complex Administrative Practice is designed to automatically register traffic violations and to impose decrees on administrative violations with photo evidences.


Confidential and private information security

Astra System Technologies pays a lot of attention to information security. Astra ST includes a special department which supervises matters of protected information processing, information security audit and attestation of informatization objects on compliance with the law requirements.

The segment of information security is presented in every project of the company. Development of new solutions starts with the examination of information security matters. The effective way to solve the problem of information security in the project is to develop systems originally oriented on protection of processed data.


Digital signature

Digital signature is an attribute of the electronic document, which allows to define its author and provides integrity to it.

Useful information

    Federal law on Digital Signature recognizes digital signatures equal to hand-written ones.


GIBDD Unit Control Center

GIBDD Unit Control Center (UCC) is an automated hardware/software complex designed for the efficient management of the GIBDD units and for monitoring of the situation on the roads of the city and region.