IS providing citizens with necessary medication

Дата начала: 

In 258 health care facilities in Chelyabinsk region preferential receipts are issued with the help of the information system “PLEYADES – PWNM”, designed by Astra System Technologies company

These receipts allow people to get necessary medications in time by the PWNM and RSPP “Health” (Provision With Necessary Medications and Regional Special-Purpose Program “Health”).

Information system “PLEYADES – PWNM” is an element of the Ministry of Health Care Regional Data Processing Center – complex of information system providing services to the residents of the region.

After the implementation of the “PLEYADES – PWNM” system the quantity of receipts not provided with medications has reduced in several times, which means that the quality of the service has improved greatly.

Moreover, personal medication accounting (distribution by the address) has been implemented, which guarantees provision with medication those who need it the most.

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