Digital signature

Digital signature is an attribute of the electronic document, which allows to define its author and provides integrity to it.

Useful information

    Federal law on Digital Signature recognizes digital signatures equal to hand-written ones.
  1. Specialized certification centers exist in order to provide users digital signatures.
  2. In order to use digital signature it is necessary to have:
    • digital signature software tools,
    • software supporting digital signature and digital signature software tools,
    • digital signature certificate, acquired from the registered certification center,
    • private key for the digital signature certificate.
  3. Usage of digital certificates became possible with the invention of asymmetric encryption algorithms (the message is encrypted with the first key and decrypted with another one).
  4. The secret key is not contained in the signed document, just the signature itself, so the document can be safely sent via insecure communication channels and the signature key would not be disclosed.
  5. In the digital signature certificate open information on the ways to verify your signature is contained, but not the ways of putting it in the document.
  6. Private key is needed in order to put a digital signature on the document. If in becomes available to someone but the owner, it should be blocked in the certification center immediately.

Our company uses digital signatures in many projects and solutions. This approach upgrades the systems to a whole new performance level, creating trustworthy environment, where everyone can be sure in the safety of the transferred documents.

For the corporate clients we can:
  • develop information environment with legally significant document flow
  • provide destitution of the digital signature certificates to the users of the Client; our certification center will provide technological support of your information system