Information Bureau

Information bureau is an information system, processing digital dossiers (files) within the organization. These files may contain information about people, property, processes, structural elements, cooperation logs, departments etc. In other words Information bureau is a software/hardware complex, which allows to collect information from various sources in order to analyze it and make reports.

Examples of the Information bureaus:


  • Information security – even if the file does not contain personal information it is still considered confidential. It means that the protection should be organized on the architectural level, processing center and remote workplaces must be secured.
  • The variety of documents in the dossier — information bureau can process different information even within one type of objects; it is not unusual, when a new type of documents appears. Each document must not only be saved, but also be used in analytical processing, which means that expanding dossier formats must be easy and handy.
  • Universal access to the dossier — requests to the database and filling it are executed from various, usually remote sources. So the workplace should be easy-to-use, universal, secure and capable of integration with other information systems.
  • Legally significant document flow — requirement to the organization of information space.

In order to implement these ideas we have developed the PLEYADES platform — file-oriented information system. It allows to deploy information bureau or monitoring system, adapt it to the specified needs (configure document types, define rules of information analysis) in short period of time.
PLEYADES platform is used by 4 credit bureaus; for the monitoring of health care objects; to conduct regional database of patient electronic records; for the automation of the document flow in health care facilities (MIS Erida) and to provide with necessary medications.

The main principles of the PLEYADES platform:

  • All information exchange with information bureau is encrypted
  • All operations with data in the information bureau are tagged by the digital signatures of the Client and bureau
  • Every digital record of the information bureau is a legally significant and non-repudiable document
  • The database is accessed by the Clients of the bureau with the use of international corporate information exchange standards
  • Client software has handy user interface and has the mechanisms for the integration with the information systems of the organizations, participating in the information exchange
  • The system is developed in compliance with the FSTEC regulatory documents and information security legislation and was approved by the FSTEC of Russian Federation
The tasks of information bureau are not limited to the development and implementation of the system. There are the questions of:
We solve these problems altogether. For example, creating credit bureau based on our PLEYADES platform we also settle matters of acquiring necessary licenses, perform attestation of the objects for the compliance with the law requirements, provide our own secure data processing center and support the service.