Safe Enterprise

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Provision of own security is an important task of any enterprise. Being secured means the ability of the company to resist all the attempts of criminal bodies or dishonest employees to harm the interests of the company.

The main objective of comprehensive security system creation (Safe Enterprise) is to provide resilient and stable functioning of the enterprise, prevent from threats to its safety.

Purposes of the comprehensive security system

  • prevention from anthropogenic emergencies
  • real-time gathering of emergency and alarm situations
  • operative decision making for the adequate response to emergency situations
  • reconstruction of the events in a certain interval of time
  • maintaining corporate discipline and regime inside the object
  • providing safety to personnel and visitors
  • prevention from unauthorized penetration in the company premises of the third parties
  • increasing anti-terrorism protection of the company
  • prevention from stealing material values

Security objects:
  • personnel (management, employees, senior performers)
  • enterprise territory
  • objects on the enterprise territory
  • mobile and autonomous objects outside the enterprise territory
  • fire security of the enterprise objects
  • material values, technologies
  • information resources (information of limited access, confidential information, business secret, other private data and documents, regardless of their form and type)

Means of providing enterprise with the protection

  1. Implementation of the typical full-functional security complexes on the enterprise objects – access control system, video surveillance, fire security, uninterruptible power supply system, automated parking
  2. Creation of the enterprise objects Management and Control Centers – connection of all enterprise objects’ security complexes to the unifed dispatching center with an output on the 3D interactive territory map
  3. Provision enterprise with the information security – creation of secure segments of the enterprise objects’ network with the permanent monitoring of safety and intrusion attempts