ZapSibGazProm, Tyumen city

OAO Zapsibgazprom – is one of the major subsidiaries of OAO Gazprom in Western Siberia; it includes enterprises of gas supply, construction, social field; production enterprises and factories.

The main field of activities of this holding is creation of high efficiency heating equipment, matching the requirements of European standards; plastic pipes and fittings used for the construction and operation of pipelines.

OAO Zapsibgazprom holds shares in 146 companies currently operating in Russia. The overall number of personnel working in these companies exceeds 7,000 people. The company’s operations area stretches from Tuapse to Yamal and from Bryansk to Altai, it covers such FSU countries as Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Moldova. OAO Zapsibgazprom is currently working at:

  • engineering, construction and maintenance of the gas distribution networks made up of own polyethylene pipes;
  • gasification of residential and industrial facilities;
  • making industrial products for the companies and organization of the fuel and energy complex;
  • capital construction.

44 specialized enterprises of Zapsibgazprom numbering 2,000 employees in total have been gasifying residential and industrial facilities since 1991.

Russian site of OAO Zapsibgazprom