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Astra System Technologies develops and implements projects in the field of service elaboration, integration and provision.

The main sphere of activity of the company is system integration. We take responsibility for the whole project, from the initial research to the maintenance of deployed system, paying maximum attention to the quality of implementation and performance. We improve the project afterwards, proposing more technological and topical solutions.

We have a really big share of our own developments. We choose the best solutions of our partners and develop our own information systems. As a result we provide essentially new possibilities. Moreover, our systems are very flexible, new functions and features can be added.

We have developed various technological platforms, which are the basis of our new solutions, and now are deployed in many regions of the country. This proves the quality of our (and our partners) developments design.

  • Frames of reference page features the key spheres of company competences on the market of the system integration are presented
  • Presentations page contains a set of materials to get acquainted to
  • Projects page features the list of implemented solutions
Asrta ST has a lot of experience in implementing own developments and is oriented on promotion own ready products on the market. At the same time company continues improvement in all directions and provides whole new level of quality and with functions unique on the market.

With the ready integration solutions we provide our clients with services on creation and support of the information and engineering systems infrastructure. This service is in the company integration competences, but the demand on them is growing continuously and we provide it separately from main projects.

  • Information security, certification of information objects, consulting support in the interaction with the FSB and FSTEC (Federal Service of Technological and Export Control)
  • Digital signature, verification center services
  • Infrastructure, fire and security alarms, access control systems, video surveillance, connection channels, computing centers
  • Information systems, server lease, software development, equipment support