Astra System Technologies develops and implements projects in the field of information security; integration, development and provision of cervices.

The specification of company projects is the security of information and processing it, engineering and information systems. Company solutions, concerning Safe City, information bureaus and medical information systems can be found in the Solutions section.

For our clients we provide the services in the areas:

  • Digital signature:
    • provision of digital signature,
    • organization of legally significant document flow,
    • consulting, verification of digital documents.
  • Information security:
    • information security audit,
    • protection of the information systems,
    • certification of information objects,
    • consulting support in the interaction with the FSB and FSTEC (Federal Service of Technological and Export Control).
  • Infrastructure, designing and installation of:
    • security and fire alarms,
    • access control systems,
    • video surveillance systems,
    • cablings,
    • computation systems.
  • Information systems:
    • server lease, outsourcing of server capacities,
    • software development,
    • equipment service.