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Astra System Technologies is an integrator company which holds leading positions in creation of Safe City complexes in Russia.

Company projects are deployed in Yekaterinburg, Khanty-Mansiysk, Chelyabinsk, Vyborg. In June 2009, Safe City complex was used in the presentation for the presidents of SCO countries, in Yekaterinburg.

We create massive and functional projects within the city or region, use modern technological solutions, and due to our own developments we are able to provide with unique features.

General description of the project

Safe City is a complex of systems deployed in the city or region, united by the information environment that provides public safety services with technical assistance.
The configuration of the hardware/software complex is defined during the project concept development stage.

Safe City complex may include:

  1. Control Center of tasks and forces.
  2. GIBDD Unit Control Center.
  3. Department of Internal Affairs Unit Control Center.
  4. City intellectual video surveillance; output on the electronic map of the city.
  5. Geographic information system for monitoring calls, messages, events and state of mobile and stationary objects.
  6. Subsystem of traffic lights control and special transport thoroughfare provision.
  7. Subsystem of emergency contact “citizen-police”.
  8. “Administrative practice” subsystem of video recording traffic violations.
  9. Subsystem of tracing stolen vehicles.
  10. Integrated databases with intellectual mechanisms of data search and analysis.

Special systems urgent for the region:

  1. Subsystem of protection public services.
  2. System of monitoring and forecasting emergencies.
  3. System of monitoring ecological state of the region.
  4. Unifed system of medical information processing and storage.

The architectural feature of the whole complex is that it is developed with high-speed multiservice network, and it has processing and storage centralized. It means that information from all systems of the city is transferred via the same communication channels and is amassed in the archive of unifed data processing center. It can be deployed on the ground of Department of Internal Affairs of the city, Main Department of Internal Affairs of the region, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, region government or other office.

Users access the systems of the complex in specialized monitoring and control centers, which exchange information with the processing center via the multiservice network.


  • Display of the current situation on the electronic situational map of the city
  • Special video walls on the workplaces for displaying the situation
  • Recording negotiations in the Unit Control Center and situation centers
  • Preparation of operation documents (reports and protocols)
  • Digital files on the objects and events
  • Integrating complex with the security and fire alarm systems and displaying on the electronic map of the city
  • Connection of the additional services to the multiservice network: sensors for monitoring the operation of automated boilers, pumping stations; for the dams and pipes condition control; for the assessment of the air and water condition in the reservoirs
  • Autonomous video information processing complexes on the road segments
  • Integrated databases with intellectual information search and analysis mechanisms, emergency forecasting, efficiency monitoring
  • Use of digital megapixel surveillance cameras, connected to the network
  • Uninterruptible work of equipment on the video surveillance posts and in the data processing centers


Safe City complex developed by our conpany is already implemented and improving in several Russian Federation regions and cities such as: Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Vyborg.

This project includes city networks of video surveillance, emergency “citizen-police” contact subsystem, video detection of traffic violations subsystem, monitoring of the patrol service crews location, Uragan subsystem for tracing stolen vehicles, system for monitoring location of the patrol service units.

Multiservice data transfer networks are used for the integration of the subsystems. In every city data procession center and video monitoring centers are created.

Centralized support of the complexes is organized, providing continuous and efficient performance of the systems.
In order to carry out tasks, concerning video surveillance (security monitoring, administrative practice, analysis of the accidents), special staff (and departments) are created within the GIBDDs and Departments of Internal Affairs of the cities.

Video surveillance nets cover the central squares and parks of the cities, busy crossroads, train and bus stations, trade and entertainment centers, federal road segments.

Information system “Administrative practice” detects and records traffic violations (speeding, travel by red light, traffic lane markings violation). This system detects violations and forms a decree to impose an administrative fee and attaches photo materials about the event.

In the Unit Control Centers a geoinformational system is installed. It provides with access to the city surveillance and displays events and mobile objects on the electronic map of the city.

More detailed description of the Safe City complexes is in the attached materials.

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