LLC "Three "K" Technologies"

Activity areas:

Software and database development
Creation of information personal data bureaus (information system for the Credit Bureau and Insurance Bureau)
Indicator monitoring systems (monitoring of the activities of the medical and education facilities)
Automation of the enterprise activities
Creation of automated workplaces
Uniting automated workplaces into one system
Creation of intercorporate exchange systems

Customer service on the servers of the company
Providing remote office information infrastructure (access to the office software, data storages, email, manuals, accountant software via connection channels)
Database and website hosting
Providing client with remote server with services (services include antivirus protection, backup copying, routine works)

Legally significant digital document flow
Providing private individuals with electronic digital signature
Collecting, processing and transferring digital documents
Making digital documents in the information systems resilient, legally significant and unambiguous.

Secure transfer, storage and processing of the information
Organizing secure information exchange, based on the reliable certified means of cryptographic information security
Using electronic digital signature for the identification and encryption
Processing confidential information in compliance with the license on the technical protection of confidential data.

Development of the Internet portals
Organizing knowledge bases and filling mechanisms with access delimitation
Providing with online access to the databases of information bureaus and indicator monitoring with access delimitation systems
Providing with easy ways of filling portal by unqualified users
Organizing easy-to-use and efficient feedback with the user

Telephone: (351) 727-78-50

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