Yekaterinburg Safe City

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Astra System Technologies (Verysell group) was chosen to implement Yekaterinburg city video surveillance project. his project is a part of the Safe City federal program, which regards city safety as a comprehensive task on efficient interaction of various monitoring systems in crowded places, control of road conditions in urban areas and on highways, safety in schools, universities, hospitals, emergency communications with law enforcement agencies, integration with security systems of retail, office and entertainment centers.

Yekaterinburg has one of the most advanced video surveillance complexes. 3 and 5 Mpx video cameras and rotating cameras with optical zoom are used in order to monitor large city areas. The surveillance net covers busy crossroads and roadways, administrative center; many cameras are installed at the buildings. Geoinformation system provides access to these cameras and also displays mobile objects on the city map.

A specialized high-speed multiservice network is created in order to transfer information between all participants of the information exchange without loss of signal quality and allows to plug in new equipment. Network capacity of each segment is from 1 to 10 Gb/s.
The archive of the Data Processing Center is connected to the network by a 10 Gb/s capacity channel. The storage allows to keep all the video information for 14 days. Also vodeo data os stored for 30 days with a 1 FPS quality.

Video Monitoring center is situated in the Department of the Internal Affairs of the city, and is equipped with special workplaces – video walls. Each of them is capable of displaying from 20 to 80 video streams from surveillance cameras. Interaction with the help of digital map of the city is provided. This map is displayed on specialized panel of the workplace.

A specialized program Administrative Practice is deployed in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, which detects violations of the traffic rules. This system detects violations and imposes decrees on administrative fees and attached photo evidences of the violation.

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