Unified data processing center within the Safe City project

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Safe City solutions are based on the idea of centralized data processing, storage and protection.

It means that all intellectual (computation) elements are gathered in one place – Data Processing Center. Massive net of various monitoring devices is to be created in order to collect information. These transducers are installed on the supervision objects – monitoring points. They are connected by the multiservice data transfer network.

Monitoring devices can be: surveillance video cameras, emergency connection spots, navigation modules, sensors and radars. Expensive computation equipment, requiring special conditions for its functioning (quality power supply, temperature, air humidity etc), is not installed, but communication equipment is used. It connects the sensors to the Data Processing Center by the optical and radio channels of multiservice data transfer network.

In order to increase resilience of the whole complex, DPC and connection channels are duplicated. For example another Data Processing Center can be deployed in another part of the city for the backup storage and access to the archives. Optical connection channels can be doubled by the radio channels.

Advantages of this approach:

  1. New functions due to the unification of all systems’ information
  2. Centralized access to the information from different departments and geographical positions
  3. Reliable information security
  4. Efficiency and service quality
  5. Economical profit when developing and upgrading the whole complex
  6. Non-usage of expensive equipment at the monitoring objects
  7. Unified storage for the dissimilar information

Disadvantages of the approach:

  1. Necessity to create professional computation complex with the systems of guaranteed power supply, cooling, firefighting, information security
  2. Necessity to use throughput connection channels

These disadvantages are compensated by the level of technologies and professionalism of our employees. Creation of the Data Processing Centers is one of the key directions of our activities, we are very experienced in this field and have necessary licenses. Present infrastructure of the cities allows fast deploying of the computation network with required characteristics, moreover, existing communication channels can be used.

Data Processing Center includes:

  • computation equipment: servers, high-capacity data storages
  • infrastructure of the server room: firefighting, cooling, uninterruptible power supply
  • commutation equipment, connection to the communication channels
  • software providing archiving of all information for the transfer to monitoring and control centers
  • software providing intellectual analysis and processing of the information: important events detectors, correlators and recognizers of current events

For the access to Data Processing Centers, special Monitoring and Control Centers are deployed, which interact with the DPCes within their authorities via the multiservice networks. MCC can be:

  • Details and units control center by the Department of Internal Affairs of the city, with electronic map of the city, access to city video surveillance, fire and security systems and emergency contact system “citizen-police”;
  • GIBDD center for monitoring situation on the roads of the city and intercity highways;
  • Control Center of tasks and forces for the emergency services (Ministry of Emergency Situations, firefighting and rescue forces);
  • Monitoring center of emergency situations and ecological condition by the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • Medical Information Center by the Ministry of Health for the access to unified medical database on the residents of the region;
  • Information and analysis center of traffic accidents by GIBDD – bureau of insurance incidents for the representatives of insurance companies.

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