Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) of the enterprise

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Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) hardware/software complex

MCC is an automated complex, developed for the operative monitoring and management of mobile and stationary objects. It is designed for the simultaneous work of group of operators. Operators interact with the objects with the help of interactive map, data tables and voice control.

MCC allows to combine on the map: video surveillance, access management and control system, fire alarms, navigation and other monitoring systems.

MCC advantages:

  1. Rich integration capacities allow to develop and upgrade complex efficiently without raise of the costs.
  2. Comprehensive approach to event processing. Combining events from various sources and of various types.
  3. Situation analysis, based on all information, with the help of unified user interface.
  4. Identical connection of different data gathering equipment.
  5. Information protection from being distorted or accessed without authorization.

Work principles

The basis of the MCC is the event database. It allows to record information from all monitoring systems in a form of key parameters:

  1. Event place
  2. Event time
  3. Event type

Saved events are used for the operative displaying of the situation or for the archive work, when reconstructing events. Main displaying solution is an interactive 3D map of the territory and objects (allowing to monitor objects like premises, video cameras, vehicles, barrels etc). Groups of one-type events are combined into color clouds on the map. An operator can evaluate condition on the whole territory or at the particular objects at any point of time.

The operator can also operate some objects: change the viewing angle of the cameras, enable access control system, enable technical equipment etc.

All elements of the complex are combined into one information space. In order to do that an event-data bus is used – solution of transferring events between MCC elements. Thanks to it, any monitoring or information displaying device can be plugged in the system. For example in the security room can be installed a simple light indicator, connected to the system, which would signal under specified circumstances (e.g. more than 3 vehicles entered warehouse during last 6 minutes).

Thanks to the event-data bus many operators can work with the system from remote locations. There is an option of handing over controlled objects other operators; indicating on important event; joint analysis of the situation.

Intellectual event analyzers increase efficiency of the monitoring operators’ work. These are the software solutions, connected to the common data bus, registering in the information flow the information for the detailed examination, for example:

  • movement in the secure zone
  • left or disappeared object
  • vehicle number, from specific list
  • high readings on the equipment sensors
  • typical events in specific order, for example movement detection in 500, 300, 100 meters from the object in a raw

Based on the MCC can be created:

  • Monitoring center of security objects
  • Monitoring center of technological objects
  • Monitoring center of encashment service
  • Unit control center
  • Delivery service control room
  • Public services control room
  • Center for monitoring the effectiveness of trade mission networks
  • Other control rooms of monitoring objects on the map with the integration of different data collection systems
Key feature of the solution is the ability to plug various monitoring systems in the unified interactive control map.

Functional possibilities of the MCC; composition of modules

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