Administrative Practice

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Hardware/software complex Administrative Practice is designed to automatically register traffic violations and to impose decrees on administrative violations with photo evidences.

Automated workplaces of the inspectors allow to process decrees on imposed fees and allow to analyze road traffic accidents.


Software/hardware complex is based on four subsystems:

  1. Video surveillance network with cameras and speed detectors, installed above the road lanes
  2. Software, registering video stream and recognizing vehicle registration numbers
  3. Intellectual module of detection traffic rules violations
  4. Automated workplace of the inspector for creation of the decrees on administrative violations by the vehicle owner, registration in the regional database and mailing

Operating principles

Video, registered by the video surveillance net, is processed by an intellectual module for detecting traffic violations. When the violation is detected the owner of the vehicle is identified by the automobile registration numbers and a preliminary decree on the administrative fee is created.

Inspector analyzes collected preliminary decrees and if necessary checks video records of the event. After that, decree is included into the regional database, printed and mailed.

The decree includes:

  • speed detector information (certificate, validity checking),
  • photo of the vehicle at the moment of traffic violation with clear view on the picture of the vehicle registration number,
  • description of the violation, registered by the traffic violation detection module; specification of the violation location,
  • inspector’s resolution on imposing administrative punishment (fee),
  • an extract from the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences,
  • fee payment form.

Detectable traffic violations

  • speeding,
  • travel on a restricting sign of the traffic lights,
  • violations of lane identification,
  • parking rules violations.


Software/hardware complex Administrative Practice was launched in Chelyabinsk region in 2008. It has been included into multiservice video surveillance network and processes information from 12 (76 cameras) surveillance posts (crossroads and federal road segments).

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